“No you can’t have a shot on the bike, pal, we don’t do timewasters. We need to see cash up front and you just don’t cut the mustard. You’ve been wearing the same suit for the last thirty years, the arse is hingin out your breeks, you’ve got porridge stains all down your tie and from the smell of you I’d say you’d pissed yourself. You’re a tramp, that’s what, and if you don’t fuck off now I’ll give you such a rap on the jaw. No, we don’t do a free glass of bubbly for every customer. I don’t care how hungry you are, you can’t have a vol-au-vent. Yes this is my dinner. No you can’t have a fucking bite.”

John Gibson of the Evening News visits HOWARD CROSS Motorcycles of Bathgate to test drive a classic Honda GoldWing.
Exclusive to The Vinegar Stroke.

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