Heavy drinking, poor diet and an unsatisfactory sex life can play havoc with the mind. 2008 has gone and it’s time to welcome 2009. But just how much of last year do you really remember?  It’s The Shavers Weekly quiz of the year!
Answer all the questions correctly and you could win your weight in Oxtail soup.

1. Which Premiership football manager revealed in January that he regularly gets so excited that he soils himself during games?
a) Arsene Wenger.
b) Jose Mourinho.
c)’Big’ Sam Allardyce.
d) Harry Redknapp.

2. In February Sir Elton John underwent lazer treatment to have a tattoo removed from his pubis. What did the tattoo say?
a) Ace of Spades.
b) Born to Ride.
c) Tongs Ya Bass.
d) All Coppers Are Bastards.

3. In September the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland was switched on and then off again after problems caused by what?
a) Mice.
b) Moles.
c) Meerkats.
d) Peter Purvis.

4. In Late June a BBC Newreader had such brutal flatulence that the six ‘o’ clock news was held up for 8 minutes!! Was it?
a) Fiona Bruce.
b) Fiona Bruce.
c) Peter Purves.
d) Fiona Bruce.

5. July saw the announcement that a piece of string was how long?
a) Not very.
b) Quite a lot.
c) Long enough.
d) Two metres

6.In Autumn Calvin Klein was admitted to hospital for?
a) A heart swollen by grief.
b) Having a great big set of swollen testicles.
c) A swollen sense of his own greatness and place in society.
d) His own good.

7. Just at the end of Summer 7 men were arrested in Birmingham for?
a) Terrorist Offences.
b) Being nude and lewd.
c) Being out and proud.
d) Blatant dwarfism.

8. On 4th July Rick Wakeman announced that he was?
a) Good friends with Brian Blessed.
b) Alive
b) A waste of time and energy.
d) Dead and had been for over eight years.

ANSWERS: Mostly D’s but some A’s the odd B and C.

Were you correct did you win your weight in Oxtail soup if so see details below.

Small print: – are you a big fatty? Because our insurance doesn’t cover a big fatty winning. Sorry but that’s life and your weight in oxtail soup probably wouldn’t be that good for you.

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