Shavers Weekly editor Mr Frank Simpson appologised unreservedly to readers yesterday for not managing to include an article about former SSP member Tommy Sheridan in this months edition.


Speaking from inside Strachan’s Electronics of Leith Walk he commented ” I’m deeply sorry about the obvious lack of a Sheridan article but every story we managed to come up with was made irrelevant by the fact that either Tommy had already had the story in other minor papers such as the Scotsman or had done something far more stupid – in short the man is a genius albeit a very stupid, orange one. the sooner S.T.V. offer him his own chat-show the better and the sooner he can put these nasty political aspirations behind him. As far as shagging Anvar Khan goes the man deserves a medal – not ridiculed in the popular press. Oh Boysie! This is one hell of an electronics shop.”

I like the Weekly’s spot on local news coverage. It reminds me of being back at the 4077th when if anybody needed a friend to speak to I was there and subsequently I knew all the ‘local news’ or just plain gossip if you like. Either way M.A.S.H. was all about me – Alda, especially when I took over as ‘creative consultant’. Hawkeye Pierce’s character became far more entertaining for evreyone.

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