Sir Gareth McCormack as fans saw him in “Darwin-Ya Radge!”

Sir Gareth McCormack
has, at last published his first book. ‘An Actors Life For Me’ marks his first sojourn into writing and is already raising some eyebrows amongst the literary crowd. Elegantly bound in gold leaf and Wrigley’s Juicyfruit wrappers, this ravishing book tells us the inside story of Sir Gareth’s life in film and the theatre. In the early days it explains his frustration at being typecast as the raffish rogue and in the latter years his delight at playing the schemie radge in almost every celluloid production in which he appears. In one hilarious anecdote we are treated to McCormack retelling the story of the time he head butted Geilguid when dinning out with Sir Ralph Richardson and Richard Burton. “I laugh at it now, but at the time I thought, goodness!” adds a croaky Richardson.

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