Evening News reporters ‘gutted’ at losing potential story

A Leith Public House has been found to be no more haunted than Sir Cliff Richards’s underwear drawer it has emerged. Evening news reporters were said to be ‘Incandescent with rage’ at the thought of losing a potential story that could have kept them in business for weeks.


Top capital columnist John ‘Gibbo” Gibson has taken the news particularly badly He explained the situation to the weekly

“This is very disappointing The Tourmalet on Iona Street had all the classic hallmarks of a good haunting – A, it’s a pub and B, we have nothing to write about in the Evening News I had big hopes for this story I was sure it could have run for weeks and weeks – months who knows – I was think about possibly retiring after it, but now – who knows, I guess it’s just nose back to the grindstone and the trough of free dinner luncheons, steroid injections and canapé parties.” Staff at the pub in question were very forthcoming when quizzed about spiritual activity “There are no ghosts, not yet anyway, apart the pair of cycling shorts that float around the back room every Thursday at the stroke of 12 every single week, other than that it’s just business as usual.”

haunted houses
Buisiness as usual The Tourmalet on Iona St


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