Just how well do you know Kate & Wills?

Just how well do you know Kate & Wills?

We all adore them. We all wish them the very best for their life together – such as no messy divorce proceedings, nasty car crashes, difficult bouts of bulimia or brutal vaginal warts – but how well do we really know them?

TRY THIS TEST. Award your self 1 point for every correct question answered apart from question 6 and 8 where you can give your self 3 points for a correct answer yet minus 1 for an incorrect answer. On question 12 don’t give your self any points whether your are right or wrong though on 13 give your self four points for a wrong answer but only two points if you get it correct – if you choose to pass on question 3 leave the room for between 7 and 9 minutes then upon return award your self ‘one half’ point. If you answer 7 and 9 correctly give yourself a two-point bonus however immediately take that bonus  away if you also get 13 correct.  If you get numbers 6 through to 11 correct then get 12 wrong lower your trouserings for the rest of the quiz. Good luck!

Answers at the bottom of the page.

Pauline Fowler

1.What is Wills favourite colour?

2. When was Kate born?

3. What is Kate Nationality and when did she have her first period and for another point was her hymen still intact when she first met wills?

4. The royal couple’s love of professional darts is well documented and their favourite player is Phil ‘the power’ Taylor. But which sky premier league darts professional does Kate secretly think of when she doesn’t want to climax too soon?

5. Kate and Wills first meet at St Andrews University in the small highly conservative country of Scotland but in which country did Wills first have full sexual intercourse with Sir Elton John?

Sir elton john

6. In which month last year did Kate offer Simon Le Bon a handjob on board his yacht (an offer which was politely yet firmly refused)?

7. When reaching full climax the 2nd in line to the throne likes to let out the name of a second division Scottish football club in a low rumbling groan – which one?

simon le bon Duran duran

8. Who played centre back for that team against East Fife in 1952?

9. When they first started going out Kate was a bit reluctant to ‘go down’ Wills however recently managed to win her over and now she’s down there all the time – rummaging around like an Alpine truffler – Just how did the young ‘gentleman prince’ manage this amazing feat?

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton: No real reason to be in this publication whatsoever!

10. Wills Grandfather was commonly known in the 70’s as ‘Chop One In Phil’ why was this?

11.  Do Chinese people really have ‘slitty little eyes’ or do westerners have overly round ones plus for a bonus point how tall is an Irishman and for another bonus point could you give (to within 4cm) the length of a piece of string?

12.  How many sides does a dodecahedron crown have?

wayne mardle

13.  Thirteen is considered unlucky for many but for Prince William,  the 13th of May proved to very lucky, why?

14.   Kate has had fourteen previous boyfriends for half a point can you list their current addresses, profession, date of birth, their parents middle names and favourite pastime, then for a further half point, all of their siblings’ pet hates.

15.  Its been over a decade since Lady Di’s tragic, tragic death, how many times did Shavers Weekly editor Frank Simpson has penetrative sex with her less than ten or far far more than ten?

Sean Connery Actor

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