-Mcdonald hits back over holyrood roof claim.

Flatulent SMP Margo McDonald hit back angrily at reports in the press that she is to blame over the current roof debaucle at Holyrood.

Speaking exclusively to the Shavers weekly, The Scotsman, Attitude Magazine, Practical Fishkeeping, Cigar Afficiando and The Daily Record  McDonald flatly denied that her arse was directly to blame for current problems.

There are many simple explanations that will justify that my bottom is innocent of all charges;- My favourites being either George Foulkes whose bottom is capable of playing a church pew like a cheap childrens harmonica!  Even more likely is that we’ve had another visit from the ghost of the late Sir Donald Dewar. Very nice man though he was he had an arse like a Luxury cruiseliners foghorn!

Late news: Most top journalists are still convinced that McDonald is guilty as charged.

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