Weekly columnist spotted in pub by Nakedblog.

Drinking and Dogs. What more could you want!


Earlier this week – my, don’t the days all blend into one when you’re having such fun – earlier this week who should breeze into the Regent but a well-kennt refugee from the Port, Big Straight Al. He was with his current lady, and her dog. Me I was sitting with Dave the Writer and Drew.

“That’s the dog in Shavers’ Weekly!” Dave hissed at me conspiratorially, as you do in the proximity of celebrities.

Readers outwith these parts might not know the free magazine Shavers’ Weekly, at times transcendentally funny. “Is Your Dad a Rentboy?” remains one of the funniest articles I’ve read anywhere. And they practically invented funny horoscopes. There’s even an advice column written by a dog called Geouff. The very dog now sniffing my ankles.

Oh My God, I thought. This MUST be a photo opportunity. The only famous creature to come near me this year. Century, possibly.

Here I’m going to confess that in my alcoholic excitement I’ve quite forgotten the name of Al’s good lady, the owner of Geouff. It might be Tracy, or Lindsay, or possibly neither. “How much does Geouff charge for posing?” I asked her. “About a pound,” she replied. “You’re on,” I said, and got snapping. And would you believe we captured the entire je nais se quoi in the first shot!

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